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Even among elites like the Avertigos, there are those that stand out. Some are that way because of their innate ability, while others come from clans with unusual skills. With their uncanny abilities these individuals can dramatically change the flow of battle in the skies.

Ace Pilot Edit

Ace Pilot

Any ship with this Singasari hero is never still, sowing confusion as she hits and runs, confounding the enemy. You never know where she'll be next.

Nimh Thugee Edit

Nimh Thuggee-0

A deadly assassin, he'll make capturing islands that much easier as he stalks your enemies and removes their troops one at a time. All he needs is a silk handkerchief - of the best quality, of course.

Kale Tinker Edit

Kale Tinker

Any ship with this Mercenary hero can stay more active than its rivals. When the Kale Tinker's various jury rigs work, he can conjure some very unlikely tactical possibilities for his crew.

Kashan Drung Edit

Kashan Drung

Combining the mystic Shamanism of her people with the rigorous training of the Dynastic Flight Academy at Nanjing creates and exemplary navigator. With her on the deck a ship can always be where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.  

Long Naxi Edit

Long Naxi

A fire-lancer with seemingly magical powers, he mixes his skill with incendiaries with an intrinsic understanding of ships and winds. His beliefs won’t allow him to use of his explosives directly on anything made of wood but that doesn't stop him from causing chaos in a battlefield.

Waidan Fanghsi Edit

Waidan Fangshi

A student of the Cantong Qi, the Waidan Fangshi uses his esoteric knowledge to be one of the deadliest people in the skies. An uncanny understanding of the nature of gunpowder allows him to shoot with almost preternatural accuracy - when the Qi is aligned.

Selkup Sjaman Edit

Selkup Sjaman-0

The Sjaman is a mystic cloud walker. With her attunement with the celestial canopy she can uncannily provide a concealing shroud for her ship at just the right moment. However her rituals demand a high price in the blood and tears from her crew mates.

Woof Edit


Woof comes from a line of dogs bred to serve on Sky Ships. Special among his unique kind, Woof’s extra keen hearing allows him to detect the slightest disturbance in the atmosphere. Many a time has he foiled the best laid plans by sensing something amiss and alerting the Avertigos of his ship, changing expected outcomes in unexpected ways.

Djinn Fu Edit

Djinn Fu

The Djinn are a secret society even within the esoteric ranks of the Academy.  They usually join a ship’s crew when they feel the De of the ship needs to be restored.  The Djinn regularly elicit extraordinary performance from wood and metal that few others can even begin to comprehend.

Ahli Wau Edit

Ahli Wau

Singasari Avertigos pride themselves on their natural flair and creativity with flight, but even they look askance at the Ahli Wau - the daredevils of the skies. In their obsessive pursuit for speed, they have learnt how to take their ships into insane descents and come out of them alive.

Gioi Le Edit

Gioi Le

Just living to adulthood in the forests of their native land makes them skilled hunters with darts, slings or bows. Their legendary reckoning ability means they can usually hit what they can see. 

Prodigy Edit


Given into the care of monks at a very early age byambitious parents, these children are the youngest alumni of the Academy. By age 7, they are expected to have mastered Alchemy, Flight Doctrine and Mathematics. They are veteran Avertigos by the time they’re 10, and storied heroes by 13.