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Every ship is a work of art, but no ship is complete without its modules. When a captain assembles a crew, they bring on Avertigos with specialised skill sets to fill those positions. Avertigos are leery of using the tools of others, however, and only trust their own equipment. As a result, every module is slighlty different from each other, reflective of its Avertigos idiosyncracies. When an Avertigo moves on to another ship, they take everything with them to the new ship.

Bow Modules Edit

The bow is not an easy place to be - the least stable part of the ship, an Avertigo placed here is at the mercy of the elements, and can only do so much at the time. The stalwarts who man this position embrace the challenge, striving to master the elements - and themselves.

Hull and Stern Modules Edit

The hull and stern of a ship have a lot more stability and strength than the bow, allowing for greater accuracy with weapons and creating a space that permits delicate work to be carried out.

Master Modules Edit

It all begins with ambition. It takes a love for height and flight. It takes savouring the rush you feel moments before you launch an attack on your enemies. It takes meticulous planning and endless strategizing.

An Avertigo’s journey truly does begin with ambition - a dream that, with enough hard work, knowledge and devotion, he or she will rise to above his peers to lead the ships with assurance and to destroy the enemies with vengeance.  

But that dream only comes true for the cream of the crop, the best of the best and the finest Avertigos. They would have had to serve for years, using all that time to hone their skills and gain expertise in their respective fields. Only then do they become the Masters.