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Sky ships are the mainstay of travel and trade in the world, and there are many different classes of ships with different purposes. Smaller ships are used for swift travel, by independent traders seeking to make the most money. Larger ships are brought in by families and organisations looking to keep their holdings safe and deter others from getting the wrong idea.

Patrol Boat Edit

When Bayanore was first discovered, it was the merchants who recognised its potential. They started converting all the small ships they could afford, as technicians and specialists worked to harness the material. In time, the merchants had a small fleet of flying sail ships making trade runs.

Their favourite was the patrol boat – although not too hardy, they were favoured for how cheap they were to construct and their ability to cover greater distances in a shorter time. For many merchants, the patrol boat was the first real sky ship they got and they would either make their fortune or die by it.

In time, it became a tradition for the main merchant families to give a patrol boat to those children furthest down the line of succession, so that they could find their fortune, prove themselves worthy of the family name and deserving of larger ships.

When the military started building sky ships, the patrol boat became the backbone of many fleets. What they lack in size, they make up for with speed and agility. While bigger ships dominate the skies, a patrol boat serves as the trusted watchdog. It patrols borders effectively, providing fast responses to skirmishes with pirates and other forces, and delaying incursions long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

In-Game The patrol boat can hold two modules, making it easy to build and outfit, and more affordable than most other ship classes. Considering its low cost, the patrol boat is the first ship most players buy, although with only two modules they are more specialists than generalists. The patrol boat will help fend off your opponents as you consolidate all your resources and purchase more powerful sky ships. 

Because of its small size and high agility, it has higher initiative than other sky ships, and sustains less damage (only 2 per card) when it Over Speeds. A player can work this into their strategy, greatly affecting the course of the game.

Coastal Ship Edit

Singasari Frigate Edit

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