Not every Avertigo that sets out succeeds in bringing honour to their house. Many are forced to do what they can to survive. For most, this means leasing out their services to the highest bidder. But for a handful, it means striking back at the system that failed them...

The island of Temasik has long been a nexus of shipping and trade lines – and such a juicy offering was bound to attract predators. The most successful of them was the ruthless Pirate King of Long Ya Men. Leading a fleet of the most disgraced and debased Avertigos, in a coaster of his own design, the Pirate King terrorised the airways. Houses spent fortunes to defend their precious cargo, only to lose everything. In time, they found it better for business to just pay tribute to the Pirate King than to resist him.

When word of the vast resources to be found in the South China islands reached him, the Pirate King decided the time was ripe for expansion. Personally leading an expedition to set up a base of operations to plunder the resources in the area. From his floating fortress, he promises to rain death and destruction on all who stand in his way – unless they have the gold he so desires.